Dear Dr. Perry ,Thanks for the wonderful course. It helped me a lot in Nucs. This time I passed 10 sections with one condition which I will take in Nov. By the way I passed Nucs!!!

DP, June 08

The review course was very helpful. Thank you for organizing it. Overall, nucs was surprisingly one of my easier sections.

Denis, June 08

The one day course was great, the heavy emphasis on quality control and radiopharm administration was the key to my exam. Thanks for the tremendous effort put into this course.

Johnny, June 08

Hey Dr. Gerard,
Thanks for the great course!!

Ryan, June 08

Just writing to give you some feedback on the course and whatever recalls I have. The course was very helpful - and yes, I did pass the exam, including the nucs section. The content of the course was excellent, as was the choice of cases presented.

Gail, June 08

Hi Dr Gerard
Your lectures were very helpful indeed, passed nucs.

Tennyson June 08

Dear Dr. Gerard,
Thanks for the course. I feel this year course was more organized as well as nicely done. Overall it was a wonderfull course where everybody should be benifited. Thanks again for your help.

Alam, June 08

Hey Dr. Gerard,
I passed!! Thanks so much for your board reviews, and especially your session at your house. It really paid off, and nucs ended up being one of my strongest sections!

Nisha, June 08

Dr. Gerard,
Thanks, the boards went well and I passed including AU eligible. The course was great and I wouldn't recommend any changes. I've already suggested to our current third year residents that they attend next year.

William, June 08

Dr. Gerard, here are my recalls. I passed the oral boards and also passed the NRC section. Your review was fantastic, I read it again the night before the test. Especially your NRC review, I breezed thru those questions. Thanks again!

VM, June 08

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