Dear Dr. Gerard,
I did pass nucs despite i have never worked in nucs being an international graduate. Your course was a tremendous help !!

Sudhir, June 08

Dr. Gerard I PASSED...:)
Thanks for all the teaching. The nucs session was amazingly easy due to your help.

AJ, June 08

Hi Dr. Gerard
I wanna thank you for the opportunity to be even a nonparticipant in your recent Nuclear Medicine Hot Seats. It was very helpful both for the NRC and the Nuc Med portion.Take care and more power to your Hot Seats! Oh btw, I passed! I am so relieved!

John S, June 08

Dear Dr. Gerard,
Thank you for hosting the hotseats course. It was extremely helpful and i will recommend it to every resident preparing for the boards. I believe you would get a great response if you gave the course throughout the country, as most rads residents are extrememly anxious about this vast subject.

Grace, June 08

Dr. Gerard's board reviews are targeted exactly to cover the material asked at the boards. Just passed mine and felt that thanks to your guidance, the nuclear section was not a problem. Thanks to your hot seat course, the NRC scenarios on boards were definitely managable. Thank you so much for your time and dedication to teaching residents during board reviews and throughout the years of residency!!!

Oleg, June 08

Thank you for all your help. I found your course extremely helpful. Thanks again. Im delighted i passed. Thank you for offering your review course. It most likely helped me pass the boards.

Amer, June 09

The course was excellent preparation. Passed nucs without too much stress. The QA cases you showed were particularly helpful and I think every QA question I had was covered. Thanks again,

Michael, June 09

The hot seat was helpful to see a lot of cases. I felt prepared and I passed so thanks for your help.

Neesha, June 09

Hi Dr. Gerard, just wanted to let you know that I passed and really appreciate all of your help.

David, June 09

Hi Dr. Gerard,
I wanted to say thank you again for all of your help in preparation for the oral boards. Your tips and recalls were spot on. I'm truly grateful. I passed outright and attribute that partially to you. Trying to keep the streak going!!! Thanks,

Jimmy, June 09

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