Dr Gerard:
I passed!!! The hot seat course was exactly what I needed to pass the NUCS section. Thank you for your review session. I passed all sections.

Abraham, June 09

Thanks again for all of your help. I was more than prepared for the nuclear section. Beyond just passing the section, the confidence you gave me relieved an otherwise major source of anxiety. This helped me in every other section.

Keith, June 09

Dear Dr. Gerard, my first section on the boards was nuclear medicine including QC,NRC. I was so comfortable throughout the section that I felt over prepared and flew through the cases, largely because you prepared me for it. I finished 5 minutes early and was asked to sit in the room until the first bell. Thank you very much.

Barti, June 09

On behalf of the residents, I wanted to thank you again for coming and giving us board review. Our program did very well (especially for a new program). We could not have done it without your help and really appreciate the accommodations you made for us. The Nucs section (especially the NRC stuff) was one that we were all concerned about during our preparation and ultimately found to be okay. The combination of your review course and our session together made such a big difference in our passing not only the section but also in getting the authorized user designation from the NRC cases. Your review was so helpful covering practically everything in such a short period of time. We haven't yet typed up our recalls but I can tell you we were shown the same scenarios you taught us.

Joseph, June 09

Thanks again for your board reviews. They helped turn nucs into one of my strengths and made me feel that the cases I had on the exam were easy. In particular, your NRC scenarios were spot on and key because there really aren't other sources that test your knowledge in this area.

Ramdas, June 2010

Hi, Dr. Gerard
The "Hot Seat" course was excellent, I was more than well prepared for Nuclear Medicine section of Oral Boards... Thanks for you outstanding course!

Igor, June 2010

Hi Dr. Gerard. Your course was great. I easily passed the NM section of the Boards. The enthusiasm shown by the nuclear medicine docs has inspired me to apply for a Nuclear Radiology Fellowship. Thanks again for all your help; I would highly recommend your course.

Barta June 2010

Hi Dr. Gerard,
I passed the exam and did well in nucs (passed the section with a 71). Your course was definitely helpful. I saw a lot of cases in my section as the examiner liked to move quickly and ask many follow up questions.

Bill June 2010

I want to thank you for your course. It was definitely comprehensive and I feel it helped prepare me for the Nuclear Medicine section of the boards.

Max, June 2010

Yes, overall I found the course very helpful and would go again. I've recommended it to junior residents as well. We don't get much in the way of didactic nucs lectures at our institution, although our clinical nucs experience is very good.

Sam, June 2010

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