Board Review Tips For "New" American Board of Radiology (ABR) Qualifying Core Examination

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  1. Spend time in your nuclear medicine department. Get familiar with the cameras, quality control, floods, various nuclear medicine artifacts, methods of quality control.
  2. Understand the concepts of Nuclear Medicine Physics.
  3. Many of the NRC concepts and scenarios will be covered in my board review sessions, presented in creative ways to remember details and are critical for the New ABR RadioIsotope Safety Exam (RISE).
  4. Get confident in identifying what type of study is being shown, and what isotopes are being utilized. Learn the nuclear medicine protocols for the different examinations.
  5. Know the energies and half lifes of the various isotopes.
  6. Know the mechanisms of uptake of the different isotopes, and learn the different aspects of nuclear pharmacology (what drugs are utilized in different studies, what drugs will interfere with radionuclide uptake, what drugs are utilized to assist in uptake, etc).
  7. Know your differential diagnosis, including causes of false positive and false negatives.


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