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The Art of Teaching Medicine With Music

Dr. Gerard has developed a method of combining his passion for medicine and music. He utilizes "music" as a medical teaching tool, for both the young and old. His original music and songs that teach medicine are easy to understand and will remain in the learner's memory long after their lesson is over. The music activates various portions of the brain to increase attention span.  He also incorporates singing into his teachings which everyone loves to do.  His musical method of teaching and playing various instruments allows everyone to be stimulated with music, with significant enhancement of the learning process, which otherwise can be an intimidating experience.  Music can make complex concepts more accessible facilitating cognitive abilities. Increased understanding with music enhances the comprehenion of various medical and surgical procedures, how various medications work,  prevention of disease and can even help in obtaining informed consent. Both kids and adults can provide vocals and lyrics which provide empowering thoughts and messages. Songs have a very positive effect on an individuals performance and social relationships. Music and Medicine are similar in that both require continued practice and learning. Contact Dr. Gerard for more information on his unique method of medical education utilizing music.

Dr. Gerard has written the music and lyrics to the following original songs:

  1. What's important today ( and the Spanish version "Lo importante de hoy")
  2. Live each day in sunshine
  3. There are times
  4. All those years
  5. Shades of you and me
  6. Lonely teardrops down her face
  7. When I'm with you
  8. Do'in the best I can
  9. Depths of lonely days
  10. Our love will bloom
  11. Love will go right on
  12. Beauty is not broken
  13. Hiding deep in your shadows
  14. Hello, what's your name
  15. I've got a notion
  16. King of Casinos (but a loser at life)
  17. One million mirrors
  18. Waited too long
  19. She said


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