Thanks for the wonderful course -- it was VERY worthwhile!

Lauren, June 2010

Your course and review were helpful, and I'm grateful for all your assistance!

Sara, June 2010

I am happy to report that your NRC section was extremely high yield. I also thought you did a great job presenting a wide range of high-yield nuclear Cardiology cases. I am happy to report that I passed the exam, and you played a significant part. Thanks again for letting me attend, despite my late application. Your conference generated much high-yield information which guided me effortlessly through the remainder of my studying and through the exam. I have already passed on the name of your conference to the junior residents at my program, along with my highest recommendation.

Talya, June 2010

Thanks so much for your Hot Seat Course---I'm sure I could not have passed without you! I would like to thank you for your excellent Hot Seat Course. Nucs was the one subject I felt very comfortable with and prepared for before the oral exam. Although I attended both the Gainesville and UMDNJ hotseat courses, yours had the most NRC (for which I was grateful since I had 3 NRC scenarios). All but one of the cases I was shown (out of around 10-12) I definitely saw at your course and the one I was not sure if I had seen before, I felt I had enough background knowledge to puzzle my way through. Although the examiner tried to sway me from my position, I remained confident and stood my ground. I can't thank you enough for helping me feel confident and relaxed during this stressful time! Thanks for everything,

Kristin, June 2010

Dr. Gerard's nuclear medicine hot seat course was an outstanding case review, absolutely relevant to preparing for the oral boards. Tons of great pearls and a comprehensive NRC review that is really hard to top. I was fortunate enough to work with him at Westchester, and I will always appreciate both his deep knowledge of nuclear medicine, as well as his wonderful generosity of spirit.

Charlton, June 2010

Dr. Gerard's hot seat was fantastic. It was extraordinarily comprehensive! It was integral to me passing the Nuclear Medicine section of the oral boards.

Hani, June 2010

Hi Dr. Gerard. Thanks for your help on the nucs section of the boards. I was finished at least 5 minutes before the first bell. Thanks again.

Ravi, June 2011

Hi Dr. Gerard,
I passed!! Thank you for your help and great reviews..almost all the cases that I got I knew because of your hot seat and the review sessions. I actually learned nuclear medicine.

Kim, June 2011

Dear Dr. Gerard, both my husband and I attended your course and both of us passed. The Nucs section seemed easy after attending your outstanding course. I think you worked extremely hard to give all of us the best possible value. Thanks again! I highly recommend your course to everyone taking the Orals.

Apek, June 2011

I can say with absolute certainty that Dr Gerard's Hot Seat course as well as the private sessions we took helped me prepare for the oral boards. Dr Gerard is a great teacher, very approachable and had a large collection of teaching files which represent the kind of cases you will encounter at the boards. And I really learned nuclear medicine, not just for the test. I highly recommend Dr Gerard's hot seat course as well as teaching sessions to get through the Nuclear Medicine section of the oral boards with confidence.

Hemali, June 2011

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